Joan of Arc & the Fierbois Sword

by Ginny Parker September 06, 2021

 New Galaxy Mix
Galaxy Mix is a beautiful blend of Labradorite, Gray Opal, Hematite and Swarovski Crystals in neutral shades that blend with everything. Paired here with Joan of Arc and Saint Michael, the Galaxy Mix Collection combines their powerful presence with the Healing Properties of:
Gray Opal - Grounding & Insight
Labradorite - Protection, Energy & Intuition
Hematite - Courage, Strength, Endurance & Vitality 
  Inspired by Joan of Arc
Legend tells us that the location of Joan of Arc's Sword  was revealed to her by her heavenly guides. As she foretold, it was found buried under an ancient altar, where it waited centuries for our brave hero to recover and wear it into battle.  She named it the Sword of Saint Catherine Fierbois, after the chapel in which it was found in rural France on the Way to Santiago de Compostela. The chapel is named after Saint Catherine, one of Joan's guides. 

Ginny Parker
Ginny Parker


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