Seat of Wisdom Memento Necklace in Rainbow Obsidian by Whispering Goddess


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The Seat of Wisdom Memento Necklace in Rainbow Obsidian was designed in collaboration with a client seeking to heal a broken heart brought on by the sudden loss of a great love.   Working together we agreed upon the key elements she wanted.  First Theotokos, the Mother of Christ because she knows the pain of great grief and sorrow and helps to carry us through it.  Secondly, was the importance of Saint Michael, who is the Patron Saint of her family.  And lastly, is Saint Christopher, the name of her beloved.   Please know, we can work with you to create a similar piece based on your current life circumstances and to help facilitate your healing or sacred journey.  A consultation by email or telephone will help us determine together which Saints and Holy Ones are calling out to be service to you for your highest good.  

The double sided Wisdom's Seat holy medal, features Theotokos (the Mother of God) with Archangel Gabriel on the opposite side.  Theotokos is another name for the Virgin Mary, and she also represents Wisdom in the Orthodox Church.  This is a rare and beautiful medal.  It's called Wisdom's Seat because the Madonna is shown in her iconic role as the Seat of Wisdom holding the Christ Child.  The image is very similar to the Icon of Mary and the Child Jesus in the Hagia Sophia pictured below.  The original medal is from the 1940's and has been recast in bronze and dipped in gold leaf to creat this piece. 

The reverse side of the medal depicts the Archangel Gabriel, who is known as the Messenger of the God. He works closely with mankind and is the patron saint of communication workers. He is also the angel of strength and protection and awaits to help you facilitate communication - especially with children, parents, teachers, family and friends. It was Gabriel who visted Mary and asked Her if She would carry the Christ Child and be His mother.  

We selected the following stones based on the healing her heart and psyche were calling for to ease the shock of a sudden loss. We picked Rainbow Obsidian because it is a stone that activates our root chakra and pulls us back down to earth. It's a stone that can be used to help heal a broken heart, provide support for someone in grief, or simply offer up an abundance of love and happiness to someone in need. This stone is here to hold you when you need it most, while also giving you back strength to help overcome these heartaches so that you may begin to heal. Once one has accepted what has happened, only then can they move on and begin to heal and rejuvenate their energies.  The channel set Swarovski Crystals were added to hold the Saints and to bring light and illumination. 

All medals are Sterling Silver and hand cast using the lost wax method in New England. The original medals are findings from Europe that have been collected over the year.  

Designed as "everyday" wear to keep the Special Graces promised by Our Lady close at hand.   

Length:  Triple strand 18" to 28".

Medal is 1.5" x 1.25". 

Materials: Sterling Silver, Rainbow Obsidian and Austrian  Crystal. The strands join with a toggle clasp.