The Goddess Gallia Link Bracelet by Whispering Goddess - Gold


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The Goddess Gallia  was  revered by the ancient Celtic tribes of Gaul. Today, she is still a symbol of Justice, Independence & Victory.  On the medal she is depicted in traditional Gallic battle armor, but it's unclear if her fame was inspired from  myth or derived from ancient history.  Either way, her legend lives on through this powerful image sparking confidence, bestowing grace and empowering us all. A symbol of success and determination, her presence refers to victory  in all undertakings.  

During the Roman era, Gaul was a part of Western Europe comprising present day Northern Italy, France, Belgium, Western Switzerland and parts of the Netherlands and Germany.


 The bracelet is an adjustable 8 inches and can be customized if you need it smaller - just notate the size in the checkout field.  Medal is approximately 1.375  inches round.  Made in  bronze and and dipped in 22KT Matte Gold.