San Benito with Tiny Fleur de Lis on Etched Cable Chain Necklace - Gold


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The San Benito with Tiny Fleur de Lis on an etched matte gold chain hangs 34" long and can be doubled to create a 15" necklace.  The clasp can also be hooked on any of the cable loops allowing it to be worn at any length.  The Cross of Saint Benedict (aka San Benito) is a sacramental holy medal that has been believed to repel evil for centuries.  A Saint Michael Medallion adorns the clasp for that extra bit of heavenly protection.   

According to the Benedictine Order of Monks "We do not know just when the first medal of St. Benedict was struck. But, at some point in history a series of capital letters was placed around the large figure of the cross on the reverse side of the medal. For a long time the meaning of these letters was unknown, but in 1647 a manuscript dating back to 1415 was found at the Abbey of Metten in Bavaria, giving an explanation of the letters. They are the initial letters of a Latin prayer against evil" that is worn by the faithful to keep the wearer out of harms way.   Saint Benedict was an Italian monk and founded the first Western Monastery.   He lived from 480 AD to 547 AD.

This vintage reproduction was made from an original French medal that dated back to the 1920's.  The medal is made of Sterling Silver and the Watermelon Tourmaline is hand linked in our studio.  Whispering Goddess is made in Wellfleet Massachusetts on Cape Cod.   

The necklace is available in any length by special order.  The  medal is approximately 1 inches by 1 inch.  The medal is made of bronze and dipped in 22KT Gold.