Saint Gabriel & Theotokos Medieval Cable Necklace - Gold

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This regal holy medal  features Theotokos (the Mother of God) with Archangel Gabriel on the opposite side Theotokos is another name for the Virgin Mary, and she also represents Wisdom in the Orthodox Church.  This is a rare and beautiful medal.  It's called Wisdom's Seat because the Madonna is shown in her iconic role as the Seat of Wisdom holding the Christ Child.  The image is very similar to the Icon of Mary and the Child Jesus in the Hagia Sophia pictured below.  The original medal is from the 1940's and has been recast in bronze and dipped in gold leaf to create this piece. 

The reverse side of the medal depicts the Archangel Gabriel, who is known as the Messenger of the God. He works closely with mankind and is the patron saint of communication workers. He is also the angel of strength and protection and awaits to help you facilitate communication - especially with children, parents, teachers, family and friends. It was Gabriel who visited Mary and asked Her if She would carry the Christ Child and be His mother.  

It is shown on a chain 34" long for doubling, but can be made any length you request . The medal is approximately 1.375 inches and the necklace is available in 3 lengths, 16", 18" 24  and 34 (for doubling).  It can also be ordered in the length of your choice, just notate it at checkout.  The sailor clasp in the front allows the medals to be removed so you can wear other charms on it.   

Please note the first picture shows the 34" length doubled.    The Matte Gold Medieval Chain is chunky, but not overbearing with a hammered finish cable chain and a  decorative clasp that allows it to be removed and other medals added.  You can wear it doubled and short,  mid length or as a long layering piece with your other Whispering Goddess necklaces.  

Our chains are guaranteed  to be tarnish and wear-free.   The Whispering Goddess collection is artisan made with devotion in Wellfleet, MA.  All medal castings and chain are made in New England by some of the worlds finest artisans. 

Materials:  Matte Gold over Bronze