Saint Christopher Medal on Etched Box Chain Necklace in Sterling Silver


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This Sterling Silver Saint Christopher medal necklace is from our Soulmates Collection and designed to be worn by women or men.   This medal is especially beautiful because of the details in Saint Christophers face and that of his passenger Little Jesus. The joy on the babes face is contagious.  It is said wearing a Saint Christopher Medal enhances the protection of these two heavenly helpers on our life path.   The medal is a reminder to Be Still and Listen especially when the next steps of life's journey are unsure.  On the reverse side is Saint Anthony,  Patron Saint of All Lost Things to keep the traveler safely on his way and so they always find their way back home.   

The 1.50" medal is .925 Sterling Silver and the chain is Sterling Silver clad with a lifetime guarantee against tarnishing or wear.  The chain is available as designed in 18, 20 and 34'" for doubling.  The chain is super cool and very comfortable.  

About Saint Christopher:  St. Christopher was a big man, some say a giant who helped travelers cross a river. But one day,  when he struggled to carry a small Child, he asked the Child why?  The Child told him he was the  Christ Child and  because He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, Christopher helped him bear it. When you wear a St. Christopher medal, it is said you Christ carries you too. When you pair St. Christopher with the Child Jesus, there is no harm that can touch you.