Sacred Path Wrap Necklace & Bracelet on Faceted Black Jet & Gold 36"

Whispering Goddess

The Sacred Path Wrap Necklace is made to journey with you on you life path as a long necklace, double wraps necklace or wrap bracelet. This remarkable charm necklace measures 36" long and features  Vintage Reproduction charms with variety of Old World Madonnas and a San Benito Medal focal point in the center and a medal on the toggle to show when double wrapped.  

Among the medal and Madonnas are a couple of Saints, a vintage Saint Benedict cross, Saint Anthony holding Infant Jesus and Saint Christopher's well armored. This necklace can be doubled with a charm showing on the extender in the front or down the back when worn long. Pairs well with our other Sacred Designs. Old world craftsmanship is clearly evident and the love and devotion to the Holy Mother is palpable.   Some medals are from our Nightingale Mountain Collection and a sweet story about that mountains is below.  


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