Petite Peace Angel Freshwater Pearl Earrings - Silver

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The Petite Peace Angel Freshwater Pearl Earrings symbolize Victory and stories of her presence on the battlefield and other turbulent places have been recounted for centuries in many faiths and traditions. She is also identified with the direction South on the compass and believed to bring calmness to turbulent seas. 

The medal originates from Belgium and was awarded to members of the Allied Forces as symbol of Peace after WW1.  Since that time, the Victory Angel has become known  worldwide as graceful and universal symbol of Peace.  Many find wearing an Angel of Peace serves as a reminder that heavenly forces are close at hand to assist and guide them on their path. Whispering Goddess Jewelry is made in Wellfleet Massachusetts on Cape Cod.  

Materials:  Sterling Silver Clad Bronze medals that measure .75".  

Length:  1.50"