Our Lady of Lujan Enlightenment Bracelet in Lapis Lazuli


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The  Sacred Heart Lujan Enlightenment bracelet is a stretch bracelet that features an intricately carved Our Lady of Lujan medal within a flaming Sacred Heart.  She's surrounded by Angels, with two of them raising a crown of flowers above her. We hand oxidize Her to bring out the details of this incredible medal. The original medal dates back to 1906

The Lapis Lazuli helps to heighten inner visions, truthful communication and royal virtues upon the wearer.  Made to worn all day, everyday this bracelet is made in the USA, in our sweet studio sanctuary  in Wellfleet, MA.  Medals are recast from original antique medals for us by artisans with generations of experience silversmithing in New England.  

Color: Royal Blue 

Materials: Sterling Silver Clad Bronze &  Lapis Lazuli  Beads with Sterling Silver beads