Moonglow Tiny Fleur de Lis Wrap Silver Freshwater Pearl Necklace / Wrap Bracelet by Whispering Goddess


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The  Moonglow Tiny Fleur de Lis  Wrap Necklace features 9mm Silver Freshwater Pearls.  It is 45" long and can be worn day or night.   A "puffy fleur de lis" charm sits on the spring clasp and multiple "tiny fleurs" adorn the silver pearl chains.   Pair it with our any of our Pearl or Silver Layers.  This wrap can be worn as a long necklace, double wrapped or as wrap bracelet.  Other charms and medals can easily be put on the charm holder spring ring.  

9mm Freshwater Pearls and 39" long with adjustments to 45" with built in Fleur de Lis extender