Moonglow Sophia Freshwater Pearl Peace Angel Necklace in Silver


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The Moonglow Sophia Freshwater Pearl Peace Angel necklace features the Angel of Peace Uriel.   Stories of an angelic presence on the battlefield and other turbulent places have been recounted for centuries in many faiths and traditions. Uriel is also identified with the direction South on the compass and believed to bring calmness to turbulent seas. Here, she hangs from four strands of Silver Freshwater Pearls.   The strands are made of two different sizes of freshwater pearls for comfort and the pearls are 6mm and 8mm in size. The strands join with a toggle clasp and this versatile necklace can also be worn long by dropping one or two of the strands.  

Length:  16" at the shortest strand and 22" in total length with the medallion when worn short.  It can also be worn long when one strand is placed over the head and the other three dropped.  It can also be made any length easily if you need it longer or shorter.  

Materials:  Silver Freshwater Pearls, Silver Medallion and oxidized silver toggle and  connectors.