Moonglow Nike Freshwater Pearl Necklace - Silver


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The Moonglow NIke Freshwater Pearl Necklace is  a 34" long and can be made any length you need as well. It's the perfect layering piece with your other Whispering Goddess designs.  Designed to be worn all day every day, it's extremely comfortable and versatile.  The medal can be removed and the necklace can be worn as a gorgeous pearl choker. 

In ancient Greece, Nike was the Goddess of Victory,  Speed and Strength. A winged Goddess, these attributes allowed her to mediate and deliver messages between the Gods and Humankind.  She appears here carrying a palm branch and a wreath as signs of Victory and Peace.   A symbol of success and determination, her presence refers to success  in all undertakings.  

In Rome, where Nike was called Victoria, she came to be regarded as the protecting goddess of the Senate and her statue in the Curia Julia was the cause of the final combat between Christianity and Paganism toward the end of the 4th century.  Her winged image was adapted into art throughout the ages and can be be recognized as the angels we know today. 

The Nike medal is made of solid Sterling Silver and is approximately 1.75" tall by 1.25" wide.  The Silver Freshwater Pearls are 9mm.  The length is 34".   If you need it made longer or shorter, just notate it in the memo field at checkout.  A complimentary "rosary extender" is included so you can easily double it. Available in Silver or Gold