Limited Edition Carved Repousse Buddha in Black & Snowflake Obsidian Necklace

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This Limited Edition necklace features a carved  Repousse Tibetan Silver Black Obsidian Buddha  medallion measuring 2" inches in length. The pendant is carved and encased in a Tibetan Silver Repousse bezel hanging from 8mm Black Snowflake Obsidian.  This necklace is inspired by Buddhism, seen as a symbol of enlightenment, as it represents the process of achieving inner peace and serenity through introspection.

The Buddha pairs well with Obsidian  brings hope, illumination, and energy into the most blocked and stagnant areas of the emotional body, and grounds spiritual Light into the aura and physical body. It is a great support for alleviating depression, mood swings, despair, or paralyzing fears. 

Obsidian helps to cleanse and align all Chakras, and worn as a pendant, it absorbs negative energy from the aura, drawing off pain and stress from the physical body. It brings gratification and enjoyment to our lives, helping us to be optimistic and engaged in the world. It is used for meditation, in stone layout sessions, and as an aid for focus and memory.

Length:  30" strand plus medal length - additional length can be added.    

Carved Buddha l is 2.50" x 1.25"  

Materials:  Black Obsidian, Tibetan Sterling Silver and Snowflake Obsidian.  The strand joins with a  clasp.    The strand of Snowflake Obsidian  was created in our Wellfleet Studio and the Buddha pendant is from Nepal.