Forgotten Graces Saint Christopher Medal in Back Diamond and Gold Necklace

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Forgotten Graces' Saint Christopher Medal Necklace in Black Diamond and Gold Necklace is designed as "everyday" wear, the focal point of this beautiful piece is a Saint Christopher Medal made of Pewter with a gold dipped finish.  Saint Christopher is shown in the center of the medallion carrying the Christ Child and together they protect travelers along their daily journey as well as their life path.  The dark finish is perfect world travelers and everyday pilgrims who like to take their faith on the road, but keep it on the low down. 

About Saint Christopher:  St. Christopher was a big man, some say a giant who helped travelers cross a river. But one day,  when he struggled to carry a small Child, he asked the Child why?  The Child told him he was the  Christ Child and  because He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, Christopher helped him bear it. When you wear a St. Christopher medal, it is said you Christ carries you too. When you pair St. Christopher with the Child Jesus, there is no harm that can touch you.  When paired with the Miraculous Medal you are enveloped with Our Lady's special graces as well. 

About Forgotten Graces Jewelry: What are Forgotten Graces you might ask?  In the words of The Blessed Mother to Saint Catherine "My dear, those are the graces my children forget to ask me for".  Forgotten Graces Jewelry is intentionally designed so you can wear Her special graces close to your heart and never forget She is always there to guide you.  This special necklace was infused with prayers for Our Lady's intercession in it's design as well as for the fulfillment of the special graces of the wearer. We feel it was by Her hand at every turn.    

As a confirmation of Her blessing, we thought you should know that this necklace was added to our website on November 27, 2018.  We didn't know the significance to the date until we posted the history below.  We thank Her for this "Signal Grace" and take is as Blessing on our new jewelry line, Forgotten Graces. 



Length:  18".  

Crystal Color: Gold  

Materials:  Gold Finish on Pewter 

The strands join with a toggle clasp and this versatile necklace can also be worn long by dropping one or two of the strands.