Black Madonna of Montserrat Medallion Necklace in Bronze


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The Black Madonna  of Montserrat is the focal point of this double sided medallion that features Saint Benedict on the reverse.  Recast using the lost wax casting process from the original 18th century medallion.   Saint Benedict is the founder of the Benedictine Monks who care for Our Lady of Montserrat at Montserrat Mountain.   The Benedictines care for and protect many of the World's Black Madonnas in their monasteries.    Wearing the Black Madonna renews one’s optimism for life, while calling in her fierce protection.      

 This double cable strand necklace joins with a spring clasp that allows the medal to be removed and other medals added. 

Length:  Double Stranded chain is 34" for doubling, but is available in any length.  It's a large medal at  1.75 inches and 1.5 inches wide.    

Materials:  Medal is Solid Bronze