Art Nouveau Madonna Divine Thread Necklace in Black Jet & Silver by Whispering Goddess


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Grace and beauty abound in this simple,  yet powerful our Art Nouveau Madonna medallion that has been hand cast from the vintage original dating from approximately 1906.  She hangs from 36" of Black Jet beads and is long enough to wear double wrapped. A decorative toggle provides a beautiful effect.   The image of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin was hand carved based upon the painting by Spanish artist Bartolome Esteban Murillo (1618 - 1682).   The image is captivating and Her face on the medallion is exquisite and beautiful.  Her halo is made of 12 Stars.   In recasting historic Holy Medals I feel it preserves pieces of the past,  while honoring and sharing a devotion to the Holy Ones.  


• Strand Length: Long 36" and easily doubled. We can make it any length for you as well.  The Madonna is 1.62 inches long and 1.25 inches wide.  Just exquisite. 

• Bead size 6mm  Medals are handcast dipped in Sterling Silver 

Made in the USA