Alexandria Coptic Cross Necklace in Faceted Olive Pearls

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Three or More Necklaces in One! The Alexandria Coptic Cross Necklace in Faceted Olive Pearls features a decorative two and a half inch Coptic Cross on a double strand of smooth 8mm Turquoise and our Medieval Chain on a hinged gold clasp.  The hinged clasp allows this necklace to have unlimited flexibility so it can be worn a number of ways. You can wear the faceted Olive Pearls on their own, with the gold chain, or the gold chain alone with or without the cross.  You can also put our other medals and pendants on it.  Plus you can use the hinged clasp to connect the gold chain to extend the necklace.  It's so versatile and gorgeous! 

The Coptic Cross is one of the oldest symbols of Christianity dating back to the first century AD when Saint Mark went to Egypt.  This ancient symbol represents the roots of early Christianity and incorporates the Egyptian Ankh or symbol for life and emerged with the evolution of the Coptic Church in Egypt.   It's available with or without the gold chain, which can be worn on the inside, outside or on it's own with the gold hinged claps 

Length:  16" or 18" strand plus medal length, but can extend up to 32" and 36"  with the purchase of the additional extender chain.  Other lengths available by custom order. 

Coptic Cross: 2.5 inches made of the traditional brass, but then it is gold plated. The Olive Faceted Pearls are a beautiful olive green with gold hues. They are 7.5 mm.  

Made in USA in our Wellfleet, MA Studio.