About Ginny Parker

Ginny Parker, the founder and Creative Director of Whispering Cowgirl is a visionary artist who accesses her creative content through meditation, intuition and contemplation.  Drawing on the sacred and mythological, she creates beautiful and vivid incarnations of ethereal beings, fairies, Madonnas, angels and mystical muses.  Whispering Goddess jewelry is her latest expression of this work. She is an entrepreneur and former corporate financial professional, who also works with clients as a Certified Gestalt Coach, Spiritual Director as well as an Intentional Creativity artist and workshop leader.    

As an artist and teacher of Intentional Creativity, she is passionate about helping others re-discover their creative gifts, while they deepen their connection to their own personal Source in the process.  She lives in Wellfleet, MA on Cape Cod where she works with clients and groups to activate their authentic selves while reigniting their creative force through art and meditation.   As a Spiritual Director, she is available as a counsel  on a variety of life's existential questions and journeys.   If you would like to consult with Ginny regarding Coaching or Spiritual Direction,  please feel free to contact her.