Saint Michael Victory Medieval Cable Necklace - Gold


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Saint Michael is known and respected in many of the World Religions including Judaism, Christianity and Islam.   He protects us from evil and many miracles have been attributed to him over the ages. He is leads the Angelic realm and is often depicted slaying the dragon who symbolizes evil.  Michel is the patron saint of police officers, soldiers and doctors and first responders. By invoking his help he has been known to miraculously prevent accidents and his assistance in the search of Truth is always at hand to those who call on him.

The medal is cast in Bronze using the lost wax method from an original WW1  Victory Medal. The bronze is then dipped in 22KT gold.   The chain is made with  7mm round cable links joined by decorative connectors dipped in 22KT Matte Gold. The chains are tarnish and guaranteed  wear-free.    Whispering Goddess is artisan made with devotion between the tides in Wellfleet,  Massachusetts.    The medal is also available in Solid .925  Sterling Silver.   

The medal is approximately 1.375 inches and the necklace is available in 3 lengths, 16", 18" 24  and 34 (for doubling).  It can also be ordered in the length of your choice, just notate it at checkout.  The sailor clasp in the front allows the medals to be removed so you can wear other charms on it.   Please note the first picture shows the 34" length doubled.