Athena Trinity Necklace in Turquoise & Gunmetal by Whispering Goddess


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The Athena Trinity Necklace features three strands of Turquoise hand wrapped in Gunmetal Oxydized Silver.   Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom, but also the Warrior Goddess who symbolizes higher wisdom and understanding.  On the reverse side is a Great Horned Owl behind her shield who is also one of her symbols.  Another symbol of Wisdom, the warrior bird and represents strength, courage, and intuitive vision.  This wise owl is one of her symbols and frequently is depicted facing forward, vigilantly watching over loved ones.

According to Ted Andrews, author of Animal Speak: The Owl is the symbol of the moon, the feminine and insight. Owl is believed to have great healing powers. Because of its association with the moon, it is also tied into fertility, seduction, illusion and mystery. The Greeks associated the owl with Athena, and it was the symbol of higher wisdom and understanding. 


Approx. 1.50" round on Silver Oxidized wrapped chain.  Medal origin is France.  Shortest strand is 16" and the longest is 18".