Mary Magdalene at la Sainte-Baume Ruby Ritual Necklace Silver & Gunmetal


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Paired with Ruby Red Austrian Crystals, the Mary Magdalene at la Sainte-Baum shows a contemplative Mary Magdalene looking toward the heavens with the mountains of Baum in the background.  A skull sits to her right reminding us of our mortality and memorializing her feast day on on July 22nd.   Small Sterling Silver Momento Skulls are interwoven on her Ruby Red chain to remind us that love like life is fleeting.   A small crowned Sterling Silver Sacred Heart sits at the center and can be worn in the center with complimentary rosary extender.   

The Magdalene's come is still present in La Sainte-Baume, France .3where she lived in a  grotto for the last 30 years of her life after being set upon the sea in a rudderless boat with her brother Lazarus and sister Mary.  The trio was greeted by the Sara-la-Kali also known as Saint Sara, the Patron Saint of the Gypsies and a Black Madonna.    Mary would spend the rest of her life teaching her knowledge with a "voice that flowed like honey", to the many who came to learn from her.  

The back of this powerful medal features Mary Magdalene, with her long hair touching the ground. She is surrounded by four angels raising her into heaven for her daily communion with the Divine, which legend tell us happened seven times a day.  Seven is the number of perfection and symbolically demonstrates her level of spiritual understanding and wisdom.  Mary Magdalene is the Patron Saint of  people who enjoy contemplating the Sacred Mysteries and Wisdom Seekers,  people who are persecuted for their spiritual convictions, apothecaries, glove makers, hairdressers, perfume makers, pharmacists and all who called to know her at various places and churches worldwide.

The original medal dates back to the early 1900's and has been lovingly preserved in order to be shared using the lost wax casting method by silversmiths we work with here in New England.  This medal is 1.25 " x 1" and made of Sterling Silver.  It is intentionally made with a vintage appeal to bring us back to simpler times when holy medals were lovingly sculpted by hand as an act of devotion.  It also helps us preserve these wonderful pieces of history for the next generation. Every piece is of heirloom quality and will last for many lifetimes. 

The Ruby Red Crystals are 4mm for a delicate, yet powerful sacred adornment. The  Length 34" - for doubling but can be made in any length, just notate the desired length at checkout.   It can also be made in black jet, hematite or any of our gemstones by special order.