Lady of Lujan Sacred Heart Ruby Ritual Necklace


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Our Lady of Lujan Madonna medal iis modeled from the vintage original dating from approximately 1906.  Featuring the  miraculous Lady of Lujan she hangs from Ruby Red  (the color of Love) "Cathedral Beads" with antique silver tips.   The faceted Cathedral beads are shaped like the spires of the Great Cathedrals of Europe.  Each bead is hand linked with prayerful intention to renews one’s optimism for life.  


• Strand Length: Long 16"" to the connector, but we can make it any length for you - just notate it in the checkout field. 


 Made in the USA, in our sweet studio sanctuary  in Wellfleet, MA.  Medals are cast for us from antique originals by artisans with generations of experience silversmithing in New England.  In recasting historic Holy Medals I feel it preserves pieces of the past,  while honoring and sharing a devotion to the Holy Ones.  It's a calling and a mission.