Lady of Lujan Feather Necklace in Silver by Whispering Goddess


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The Lady of Lujan Feather Necklace features a decorative 16" chain dipped in Sterling Silver. The decorative clasp also serves as a charm holder allowing the medal to be removed so the necklace can also be worn as a collar. It's available in 16", 18 or 22".   The medal is approx. 1.25 by 1.25.  

The  Sacred Heart Lujan medal features an intricately carved Our Lady of Lujan medal within a flaming  Sacred Heart made of bronze dipped in Sterling Silver.  Our Lady is surrounded by Angels, with two of them raising a crown of flowers above her head. The original medal dates back to 1906.

History of Our Lady of Lujan: 

The Luján image was made in Brazil and sent to Argentina. Tradition holds that a settler ordered the terracotta image of the Virgin Mary in 1630 because he intended to create a shrine in her honor. After embarking from the port of Buenos Aires, the caravan carrying the image stopped at the residence of Don Rosendo Oramas, located in the present town of Zeylaya. 

When the caravan wanted to resume the journey, the oxen refused to move. But, once the crate containing the image was removed, the animals started to move again. Given the evidence of a miracle, people believed the Virgin wished to remain there. The image was venerated in a primitive chapel for 40 years. Then the image was acquired by Ana de Matos and carried to Luján, where it currently resides. Pilgrims worldwide have traveled to see Her and have received special graces, favors and miracles.