Limited Edition Carved Repousse Silver Buddha in Faceted Amazonite Necklace


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This Limited Edition necklace features a carved  Repousse Tibetan Silver Buddha  medallion measuring 2" inches in length. The pendant is carved and encased in a Tibetan Silver Repousse bezel hanging from 8mm faceted Amazonite.  This necklace is inspired by Buddhism, seen as a symbol of enlightenment, as it represents the process of achieving inner peace and serenity through introspection.

The Buddha pairs well with Amazonite because it has a calming and soothing energy, that  brings relief from anxiety and promotes a sense of inner peace. Its connection to the water element helps us to embrace the fluidity of life, encouraging a graceful flow of emotions and experiences that fosters emotional balance

Length:  30" strand plus medal length - additional length can be added.    

Carved Buddha l is 2.50" x 1.25"  

Materials:  Amazonite, Tibetan Sterling Silver and carved Buffalo Bone.  The strand joins with a toggle clasp.    The strand of Amazon was created in our Wellfleet Studio and the Buddha pendant is from Tibet.