Golden Moonglow Fierbois Sword in Silver Freshwater Pearls & Gold Vermeil


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35" for Doubling

The Fierbois Sword is the name of the Sword of Joan.  Shown here with 9mm Gray Freshwater Pearls, it is very ornate and made of Gold Vermeil  (22KT Gold dipped Sterling Silver).  Joan of Arc was led to the Fierbois Sword by the voices of the angels and saints who led her on her life mission.    She called her sword the “Sword of St. Catherine”.

 The King of France offered her a finely made sword to carry into battle, but instead she begged that a search might be made for an ancient sword buried behind the altar in the chapel of Ste-Catherine-de-Fierbois. It was found in the very spot her voices indicated. The blade was so covered in rust it would have been impossible for her to describe it without having seen it before.    

On the necklace, the sword is approximately 2.25" on a 28" strand of our Moonglow Freshwater Pearls, it s also available on 30" or 35" strands for doubling. A complimentary extender comes with this necklace so it can be doubled at 28" to make a shorter choker necklace. It's available in any length by special order.  

More on Joan's life"

We know a great deal about her life because her trials were meticulously written down and preserved for the past 800 years. .At the age of seventeen Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans, lead the broken spirited armies of France and drove the English from her homeland.  Her well documented victories ended the 100 Year War, thus restoring the rightful king to the throne of France. Her power proved too great for the men of her time and she was betrayed and sold to the English shortly after the kings coronation. After a long and arduous trial she was found guilty of heresy and witchcraft. She was burned at the stake at the age of 19 in the year 1431. Some thirty years later she was retried and found not guilty.  She was canonized St. Joan of Arc in 1920.