Moonglow Triple Strand Lourdes Illumination Bravery Necklace by Whispering Goddess


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The  Moonglow Triple Strand Lourdes Labradorite Illumination Necklace features three strands of Silver Freshwater Pearls,  Labradorite and Faceted Channel Set Crystals.  The Silver Pearls feature our Sterling Silver Joan of Arc Bravery medal with Fleur de Lis accents, a  Sterling Silver Queen of the Rosary Medal given to Pilgrims to Lourdes, France graces  the Labradorite and a diamond shaped Fleur de Lis sits on the Channel Set crystals.

The  6mm  faceted Labradorite is from Madagascar and is hand wrapped in black gunmetal chain for a dramatic, yet neutral effect.   The crystals add a bit of bounce and illumination, but are subdued for night or day wear.

Made in the USA, in our sweet studio sanctuary  in Wellfleet, MA.  Medals are recast for us by artisans based in New England.   

Length: 18”,  22" and 30" but  available in any length by special order.. 

Colors: Black Gunmetal, Clear Crystals and Labradorite from Madagascar 

Materials:  Sterling Silver, Clear Crystal  & Labradorite