Limited Edition Carved Obsidian Dragon & Phoenix in Dragonblood Necklace

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This Limited Edition Carved Obsidian Dragon is paired with Dragon Blood gemstones to create a stunning piece of wearable art.  The Dragon is a symbolism of Wisdom and Powerful Transformation and especially so when paired with Dragon's Blood.  Our One of a Kind necklaces are made from rare pendants that cannot be reproduced and once they are gone they are gone.  They typically sell out quickly, so if you see something you like don't wait long to make it your own.  

The Dragon is universally known as a universal symbol of wisdom, power and protection.  Dragons have been recognized as protectors of the natural world, Mother Earth and all things sacred in the Buddhist and Celtic traditions.  Made in Nepal, this carved Obsidian medallion is  2" long and tied to the strand of Dragon Blood with soft black deerskin.  

Dragon Blood Jasper’s deep green represents a dragon’s tough skin with a loving heart. Dragons are promoters of justice and protectors of life. The deep red represents the dragon’s blood, igniting the fire within to increase physical strength, courage, confidence, endurance, and focus. The frequency of the stone helps bring the mind and body into a state of calm aiding a person in setting and achieving goals, ignite creativity, and the pursuit to right all wrongs. Dragon’s Blood will aid in the healing journey of self discovery, and self love.

Obsidian is believed to be a stone of clarity, with the ability to release emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages, drawing out stress and tension. Obsidian is also known for clearing ancient traumas, detoxification, and encouraging personal growth.

Length:  34 strand plus medal length for doubling, but can be customized if it's too long or short. 

Dragon Medal is  2" x 1.25", 

Materials: Carved Obsidian, 8mm Smooth Dragon's Blood and Tibetan silver.  The strands join with a toggle clasp.