San Benito Medal Enlightenment Bracelet in Galaxy Mix


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Galaxy Mix

The San Benito Enlightenment Bracelet is made to worn all day, everyday. The Cross of Saint Benedict (aka San Benito) is a sacramental holy medal that has been believed to repel evil for centuries.  This cool San Benito is double sided and with concave surface giving it a unique look.  Designed to fit most wrists, it is 7.5 inches and stretches. If you need a special size just notate it at checkout of contact  us for a custom size.   Made in the USA, in our sweet studio sanctuary  in Wellfleet, MA.  Medals are cast for us from antique originals by artisans with generations of experience silversmithing in New England. 

Color: Gunmetal and Gold 

Materials:  Bronze Medal with 22KT Matte Gold, Labradorite, Gray Opal and Hematite   

 Made in the USA