Saint George Medallion Earrings by Whispering Goddess - Gold


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Saint George is the Patron Saint of Horsemen, Knights and All Who Call on him for protection.  This fabulous medal is a  reproduction of a vintage 1940's Cavalry Chaplains medal.  The iconic imagery shows St. George on horseback, thrusting his lance at a dragon with the inscription: "S. GEORGRJS. EQUITUM PATRONUS." (St. George, protector of knights). The other side has a ship with a taut sail on a rough sea and Christ asleep on the deck with two terrified apostles. A wind blows through a small cloud into the sail. The inscription: "IN TEMPESTATE SECURITAS. (Safety, or security in the storm) a prayer of confidence that All Will Be Well.   Medal origin is Barcelona, Spain.  

The each St. George medal is approximately 1.75 inches round. The metal is pewter for lightness dipped in 22KT Gold and hung from a hypo-allergic earring wire.  


 Whispering Goddess Jewelry is made in Wellfleet Massachusetts on Cape Cod.