The Goddess Amphitrite in Pacific Opal with Hematite & Gunmetal

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The Goddess Amphitrite guides her chariot drawn by Seahorses on this French medal recreated in Sterling Silver.   Amphitrite (pronounced am·fuh·trai·tee)  was one of the Nereids.   A sea nymph and Queen of the Sea, she was the wife of Poseidon and the mother of Triton and Rhode.  According to Greek Myth she was mother to  all sea life including whales,  seals and dolphins.  As the Goddess of the Ocean and Saltwater, her medallion signifies a love of the ocean and it's healing abilities for body and soul as well the the ability to calm turbulent seas.   

This double strand necklace joins with a toggle that allows the necklace to be worn long.    Joined with Gunmetal links, it's boho and full of Spirit.  

Length:  Double Stranded, the short strand is 16" with a drop to 22: when worn short.  Drops to 28" when worn long or with an  extender.    

Materials:  5mm  Pacific Opal Crystals.  Medal is .925 Sterling Silver and .75 inches round.  

The handmade strands join with a toggle clasp. An additional 6" extender is included complimentary.