Helping Houston

by Ginny Parker September 06, 2017

           Join us in Helping Houston - Miracles Needed! 
When so many are suffering it's hard to go about business as usual. So, we will be donating 10% of your purchase to Help Houston.  At checkout, the option to choose a humanitarian agency of your choice will be available. We  vetted the agencies and looked for those who have direct client contact  and "boots on the ground". We also consulted with our Houstonian clients, as they are right there and know who is most in need.   You can select the one that most aligns with your personal values, but if you have a cause we should consider please let us know as this list will evolve as the needs change.   The cost to you is no extra at checkout, but it does allow you to Help Houston.   The agencies we have selected focus on helping homeless and displaced youth through Covenant House Texas, animal rescue through Austin Animals Alive, as well as the larger agencies such as Greater Houston Charitable Foundation, Red Cross & Catholic Charities. 



Ginny Parker
Ginny Parker


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