The Summer Souls Series - Clark Strand - Waking Up to the Dark - Ancient Wisdom for a Sleepless Age

by Ginny Parker July 15, 2015

On, August 22, 2011 a man walked into my Wellfleet shop accompanied by his beautiful wife and daughter. After a cordial greeting he asked, "Do you sell Rosaries here"?  "Not really" was my reply, "but I carry this mysteriously cool jewelry called Virgins, Saints & Angels".  I told him about VSA Designs and how Finn's love for Our Lady of Guadalupe is the inspiration for her work. I marveled at how the jewelry had taken on a life of its own in my business, quickly morphing us from a saddle shop to an artisan boutique carrying sacred art, jewelry and clothing.  

On the wall behind me, they quickly identified an image of Joan of Arc hanging above the cash register. Giggling like kids on a scavenger hunt, his wife Perdita Finn, explained she had just picked up a used biography of Joan of Arc moments before. We laughed at the synchronicity and at Joan's playfulness in our lives. I explained that Joan was one of my patron Saints. Her image hung in the shop so I'd never forget she always has my back, while reminding me that if a peasant girl could lead an army on horseback to save France, there is nothing that can't be done when the Universe wills it.  A fast and soulful friendship formed between us. It was the kind of bond you make with strangers that you realize you may never see again, all the while knowing you will be forever touched and changed by the encounter. I don't think we even properly exchanged names that night - we didn't need them, our recognition of each other was ancient, old and deep, names were merely a distraction.    

What impacted me most about the moment we shared was the air of greatness I felt in this man's presence. I couldn't quite describe it,  I just knew it was unlike anything I had felt before. I'm not one to be impressed by pedigree or social status, what I felt around him was deeper than anything assigned by man. I was struck and curious - who was this man really?  Two days later I would find out, when I came in to work a late shift and found Clark Strand waiting for me. Just what was this mystical allure about him?  Slowly over time it has been revealed, as I have been escorted on an unexpected and delightful pilgrimage that will forever change my life. It is a spiritual journey that you can discover and follow for yourself  in his new book Waking Up in the Dark - Ancient Wisdom for a Sleepless Age.   The book is available now as a pre-order and goes on sale April 28, 2015. You can order it on our website where we are offering a free pair of Rosary beads with every purchase. 

Encounters similar to this have become increasingly commonplace at my shop. We seem to attract spiritual seekers. So, this Summer, Whispering Cowgirl has joined with Wellfleet Preservation Hall to bring a series of spiritual teachers, authors and seers to Wellfleet.  These extraordinary souls have come into my life as a result of meeting Clark and Perdita that Summer and by a magnetic pull that seems to call like minded individuals to us. Our first guest speaker is Clark Strand, who will be at Wellfleet Preservation Hall (the former Our Lady of Lourdes Church) in Wellfleet Center on May 14, 2015.  The Strand event is followed by a free Non-Denominational Rosary Retreat from May 15 - 17, 2015 also in Wellfleet, MA. To buy tickets to the event (all proceeds are donated back to Wellfleet Preservation Hall) please visit the Wellfleet Preservation Hall website. If you are curious about the Rosary retreat, just email or call me at 508.214.0158. 

Ginny Parker
Ginny Parker


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