Whispering Cowgirl Private Label Saint Joan of Arc Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver

Whispering Cowgirl

Our Whispering Cowgirl Private Label Joan of Arc Pendant in Sterling Silver is hand cast here in New England using the lost wax method then hand oxidyzed to give the medal an aged patina that shows the depth and detail of this piece.  She is the first of many to come from Vintage Holy Medals in my private my collection.  Weighing 14 grams, she is solid Sterling Silver.  She joins our new enamel St. Chrispher medals we know you will love, which are also Sterling Silver and made in New England by one of the oldest silversmiths in the country.  Available on a 16" or 18" 2.3mm Sterling Silver cable chain.  Medal is 1 1/4" in diameter.  Custom Order. 

This image featuring the Maid of Orleans, St. Joan of Arc, shows Joan as I see her - steadfast, fearless, well armoured and on horseback.  We affectionately call her the Patron Saint of Cowgirls due to her divinely inspired riding skills that allowed her to lead the French Army to victory and win back the crown and fulfill her life mission.  On the back of the medal is her battle banner with the Fleur de Lys that are her symbol, along with the word Doremy, the name of her village and childhood home. She is the original Whispering Cowgirl and the true companion for spiritual warriors of modern day.  

At the age of seventeen Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans, lead the broken spirited armies of France and drove the English from her homeland.  Her well documented victories ended the 100 Year War, thus restoring the rightful king to the throne of France. Her power proved too great for the men of her time and she was betrayed and sold to the English shortly after the kings coronation. After a long and arduous trial she was found guilty of heresy and witchcraft. She was burned at the stake at the age of 19 in the year 1431. Some thirty years later she was retried and found not guilty.  She was canonized St. Joan of Arc in 1920.

In speaking of Joan of Arc, Winston Churchill said, "Joan was a being so uplifted from ordinary run of mankind that she finds no equal in a thousand years".

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