Special Holiday Promotion! Buy 1 French Kande Fleur de Lys Bracelet for $25 with $250 Purchase

French Kande

French Kande's Fleur de Lys with Labradorite Black Jasper, White Turquoise of Feldspar Bracelets is a special gift from Whispering Cowgirl and French Kande to you our very best customers!  The price of this bracelet is usually $98.00, but for a limited time when you purchase $250.00 or more of French Kande you can purchase it for $25.00.  Why would we do this you may ask?  Because the what the world needs now is love sweet love!    Purchases are limited to 1 per customer per $250.00 or more purchase and will end when French Kande has run out of the promotional bracelet, so don't wait long to purchase!  


Available in your choice of Black Jasper, White Turquoise or Gray Feldspar.  


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