Pilgrim's Cross in Pacific Opal & Gold Necklace by Whispering Goddess

Whispering Goddess

The Pilgrims Cross in Pacific Opal and Gold Necklace celebrates the golden days and glorious nights of Summer.   Made with Limited Edition Pacific Opals Crystals and Matte Gold Jerusalem Pilgrim Cross, this necklace is stunning and can be worn day or night.  Because of the shepherds hook clasp, it can be worn as a long necklace or double wrapped as a shorter necklace.  A 6" extender is also available separately  for maximum flexibility. 

The Pacific Opal Pilgrim's Cross has an especially ethereal feel.   

The Pilgrims Cross is also known as the Jerusalem Cross. It is a heraldic cross and dates back to the 1280 or earlier. There are variants to the design, with either the four crosslets also in the form of Crosses potent, or conversely with the central cross, also in the form of a plain Greek cross. The meaning of the Pilgrim's Cross is rich with mystery and legend dating back to the times of the Knights Templar. 


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