Petite Peace Angel Etched Cable Necklace - Gold

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The Petite Peace Angel Etched Cable necklace symbolizes Peace, Protection and Victory. Stories of her presence on the battlefield and other turbulent places have been recounted for centuries in many faiths and traditions. She is also identified with the direction South on the compass and believed to bring calmness to turbulent seas. 

The medal is cast in Bronze using the lost wax method from an original Victory medal,  the bronze is then dipped in 24KT Gold.  The chain is made with  5mm round cable links joined by decorative connectors dipped in 24KT Gold.   Whispering Goddess is artisan made with devotion between the tides in Wellfleet,  Massachusetts.   

The medal is approximately .75 inches and the necklace is available in 2 lengths, 16" or 18".  It can also be ordered in the length of your choice, just notate it at checkout.