Our Lady of Guadalupe by Jenny Rainey

Jenny Rainey

When Jenny Rainey was first approached about painting Our Lady of Guadalupe for our gallery, she had never heard the story of Guadalupe.  As we talked about the project and Our Lady of Guadalupe I shared the story of Juan Diego with her and the miraculous way She appeared on Juan Diego's tilma. Jenny then set about her work and discovering Guadalupe. Jenny drew this image of Our Lady of Guadalupe from her own interpretation of the famous Mexican Icon. The love and softness in Her face is so warm, so wonderful.  I love the way Our Lady has spoken to Jenny in this image. Since "meeting" Guadalupe Jenny and I seem to have ironic instances/coincidences where it seems She is calling us bring this piece to the World and to your home.  :)  

Once Jenny drew Our Lady, she cut stencils of Her that are used to lay the foundation for this piece which is actually spray painted on canvas allowing for beautiful paintings that can be custom ordered in a variety of colors to suit your home or colorways.   A custom frame can be made as well or She stands beautifully on her own and simply hung on this canvas.    

Jenny is an multimedia artist who has trained and apprenticed at Sydenstricker Glass.  If you don't know the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe this video will tell you a little bit about Her and the Miracle of Her image. 

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