Limited Edition Nike White Pearl Necklace - Gold


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This Limited Edition White Pearl Our Lady of Lujan White Pearl Necklace a 17" short necklace.  The pearls are 11 mm and of exceptional quality.   This is a limited edition because we have a very small quantity of these fabulous pearls and likely can't get more. If you need additional length or want them shorter we can do that for you too.   The medal can be removed and the necklace can be worn as a gorgeous pearl choker. If you would like a different medal, just reach out to us and we can arrange that for you.   

In ancient Greece, Nike was the Goddess of Victory,  Speed and Strength. A winged Goddess, these attributes allowed her to mediate and deliver messages between the Gods and Humankind.  She appears here carrying a palm branch and a wreath as signs of Victory and Peace.   A symbol of success and determination, her prescence refers to success  in all undertakings.  

The Nike medal is made of bronze and dipped in 22KT Gold, it is approximately 1.25" tall by 1.25" wide.  The Silver Freshwater Pearls are 11mm.  The length is 17".   If you need it made longer or shorter, just notate it in the memo field at checkout.  Available in Silver or Gold 11mm Freshwater Pearls, Bronze Medals plated in 22KT Gold.