Limited Edition Carved Repousse White Tara in Black Obsidian & Silver Leaf Jasper Necklace


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This Limited Edition necklace features Repousse White Tara  medallion carved from Black Obsidian measuring 2" inches in length. This beautiful pendant is carved and encased in a Tibetan Silver Repousse bezel and hangs from from 8mm  Silver Leaf Jasper. This necklace is inspired by Buddhism, as Tara is a symbol of enlightenment, representing the process of achieving inner peace and serenity through introspection.

White Tara is associated with maternal compassion and healing. In many representations, she has eyes in the palms of her hands and on the soles of her feet, as well as in the center of her forehead, representing her power to see those who are suffering and offer her aid.   Silver Leaf Jasper, with its balance of colors,  is a stone that promotes strength of purpose,  stability and grounding. During meditation, it is believed to awaken its holders to a sense of joy

Length:  30" strand plus medal length - additional length can be added.    

Carved Tara  l is 2" x 1.25"  

Materials:  Silver Leaf Jasper, Tibetan Sterling Silver and carved Obsidian.  The strand joins with a  clasp.    The strand of Silver Leaf Jasper was created in our Wellfleet Studio and the White Tara pendant is from Tibet.