French Kande St. Michel Meadow Mix Necklace

French Kande

French Kande's St. Michel Meadow Mix Necklace is 40" long and makes it long enough to double wrap for ultimate layering. This gorgeous piece features a Saint Michel the Archangel Medallion in a spiked bezel.  The original medal was from Mont Saint Michel in Normandy. The Meadow Mix is made from Aventurine, Matte Sesame Jasper, faceted Gray Labradorite and Moonstone. The Model pic denotes the beautiful colors very well in the Meadow Mix. 

Saint Michel is known and respected in many of the World Religions including Judaism, Christianity and Islam.   He protects us from evil and many miracles have been attributed to him over the ages. He is leads the Angelic realm and is often depicted slaying the dragon who symbolizes evil.  Michel is the patron saint of police officers, soldiers and doctors. By invoking his help he has been known to miraculously prevent accidents and his assistance in the search of Truth is always at hand to those who call on him.    

This particular medallion origin is the pilgrimage site Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, France and the image a reproduction of the statue of Saint Michael that tops the basilica. According to tradition Saint Michel appeared to the Bishop in 766 and told him to build a chapel in his name. Initially the Bishop ignored him, but Michel persisted and his commands were followed. Shortly after Benedictine Monks inhabited the island and founded a Benedictine Monastery that is still functioning today. Mont Saint Michel is considered a Wonder of the Western World and is the pilgrimage site of over 3 million seekers a year.  Countless Miracles have been attributed to those who walk the pilgrims path there and ask Saint Michel for his intervention in their lives.

The Meadow Mix stones are said to carry healing properties as it is made from Aventurine (leadership), Matte Sesame Jasper (tranquility), faceted Gray Labradorite (enlightenment)  and Moonstone (intuition).  

We can work with French Kande to customize this necklace to add or subtract a couple inches.  It is absolutely beautiful all by itself or layered with our other designs. Inspired by a trip to Paris, designer Kande Hall mixes past and present to create inspirational jewelry inspired by French Medallions and Parisian life.  Each piece of French Kande is handmade in Los Angeles by Californian artisans. 

• Strand Length: Long 40" 

• Stone Size: 6mm



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