French Kande Lourdes Oxydized Chain and Petite Joan of Arc Medallion Bracelet

French Kande

French Kande's Lourdes Chain and Petite Joan Medallion Bracelet features Oxydized Pewter links with the Normandy bezel and Joan of Arc Medallion with the Normandy bezel. The center of the medal shows our hero Joan of Arc, with her eyes agaze to the heavens as she listens intently to the voices of her guides Saint Michael, Saint Catherine of and St. Margaret.  They are the saints who guided her in her soul's mission to drive the English from France.   

At age 18 Joan led the French army to victory, restoring the rightful King of France to the crown and almost ending the 100 Year War with England. Alas, she proved too powerful for the men of her time and she was captured and tried as a witch and found guilty. She was burned at the stake at age 19, but found innocent ten years later and fully exonerated.  She was canonized a saint on May 19, 1920.  Her feast day is May 30th.  She is the patron saint of all women, but especially political prisoners, sexual assault victims and independent free thinkers.   Each piece of French Kande is handmade in Los Angeles by Californian artisans. 

Inspired by a trip to Paris designer Kande Hall mixes past and present to create inspirational jewelry inspired by French Medallions. Each piece of French Kande is handmade in Los Angeles by Californian artisans.

  Bracelet Length: 7 3/4”

• Black, Sterling Silver and Brass Plated



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