French Kande Double Strand Lily Agate with De la Ville Medallion Necklace

French Kande

French Kande's Double Strand Lily Agate with Sacred Heart De la Ville Medallion Necklace features two strands of Lily Agate beads.  The de La Ville  Medallion orgininates from the village of Sceaux, France. The triangle shape represents the Trinity and the Sacred Heart is in the center. The Sacred Heart is a symbol of Divine Love. The heart is surrounded by twelve stars and three Fleur de Lis - one in each corner.  Available in any French Kande Stone as well as any length.  

We can work with French Kande to customize this necklace to add a couple inches if 18" is too short for you. We can also take of length.  It is absolutely beautiful all by itself or layered with our other designs. Inspired by a trip to Paris, designer Kande Hall mixes past and present to create inspirational jewelry inspired by French Medallions and Parisian life.  Each piece of French Kande is handmade in Los Angeles by Californian artisans. 

• Strand Length: Long 18" 

• Stone Size: 8 mm



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