Forgotten Graces Double Strand Hematite Templar Cross Necklace

Forgotten Graces

Forgotten Graces,  Templar Cross with Clear Crystals in faceted Hematite Stones with bronze linkage is approximately 30" of doubled strands of the grounding and healing stone hematite.   The focal point of this beautiful piece is an equilateral Templar Cross representing Wisdom.  The Templars were the protectors of the Holy Grail and their story one of faith and mystery.  

About Forgotten Graces Jewelry: What are Forgotten Graces you might ask?  In the words of The Blessed Mother to Saint Catherine "My dear, those are the graces my children forget to ask me for".  Forgotten Graces Jewelry is intentionally designed so you can wear Her special graces close to your heart and never forget She is always there to guide you.  This special necklace was infused with prayers for Our Lady's intercession in it's design as well as for the fulfillment of the special graces of the wearer. We feel it was by Her hand at every turn.    


Through her visions with St. Catherine Laboure, Mary promised special graces to those who wear the Miraculous Medal.  It is symbol of peace, wisdom and guidance expressing the loving protection of the Divine Mother in all Her faces and her forms. It serves as a reminder that Her intercession on our behalf for Miracles is only an ask away.  prayer away.  Forgotten Graces Jewelry is handmade and curated by artisans in New England. 

Length:  30" and available in any length by special order.. 

Crystal Color: Hematite 

Materials:  Bronze 





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