Saint George Patron Saint of Equestrians Snowflake Obsidian Necklace Sterling Silver

Whispering Goddess

Saint George is the Patron Saint of Horsemen, Knights and All Who Call on him for protection.  This fabulous Sterling Silver medal is a  reproduction of a vintage 1940's Cavalry Chaplains medal.  The iconic imagery shows St. George on horseback, thrusting his lance at a dragon with the inscription: "S. GEORGRJS. EQUITUM PATRONUS." (St. George, protector of knights).

The other side has a ship with a taut sail on a rough sea and Christ asleep on the deck with two terrified apostles. A wind blows through a small cloud into the sail. The inscription: "IN TEMPESTATE SECURITAS. (Safety, or security in the storm) a prayer of confidence that All Will Be Well.   Medal origin is Barcelona, Spain.  

The stone Snowflake Obsidian brings perseverance, insight, attunement to spiritual guidance, past life recall and ancestral insight.  It benefits the Root (1st) Chakra and the Third Eye (6th).  Its element is Earth.  As a healing stone it supports the spiritual healing of cancer and encourages receptivity to healing. On the emotional level, Snowflake Obsidian helps one dispel "victim consciousness" and inspires belief in one self. 

The medal is approximately 1.75 inches and the Snowflake Obsidian gemstone are  available in 17, 24 and 34" or any custom length you need. Order 34" to double wrap it. Just notate any changes to the standard sizes in the memo field at checkout. Sizes noted are available in the drop down fields below. 

 Interesting Facts about St. George 

  • Saint George stands out among other saints and legends because he is known and revered by both Muslims and Christians.
  • It is said Saint George killed the dragon near the sea in Beirut, thus Saint George bay was named in his honor.
  • Saint George's feast day is celebrated on April 23, but if it falls before Easter, it is celebrated Easter Monday.
  • The Russian Orthodox Church celebrates three St. George feast days each year -April 23 as is expected, November 3, to commemorate the consecration of a ***************/cathedral dedicated to him in Lydda, and on November 26, for when a church in Kiev was dedicated to him.
  • In Bulgaria, his feast day is celebrated May 6 in Egypt, the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria calls St. George the "Prince of Martyrs" and celebrates on May 1. There is a second celebration November 17, in honor of the first church dedicated to him.
  • Saint George is the patron saint of England and Catalonia and his cross can be found throughout England.
  • In older works, Saint George is depicted wearing armor and holding a lance or fighting a dragon, which represents Christ's enemies.

Medal is Sterling Silver with an slightly oxydized finish and the Snowflake Obsidian is hand looped with gunmetal finish chaing.   


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