Angel Gabriel Medal Necklace with St Louis de Montfort Medal - Patron of Messengers

Rosa Mystica

The Archangel Gabriel appears in both the new and the old testaments. In the old testament he appears to Daniel to explain the visions he receives while in captivity. In the new testament he appears to the Virgin Mary to let her know that she has been chosen to be the mother of Jesus. He also appears in the Koran as a messenger from God to several people, including Muhammed. He is referred to as an Archangel because he is one of the four Angels who stands in the presence of God.

St Louis de Montfort was born to a poor family in France in 1673. He was ordained in 1700 and became especially devoted to the Virgin Mary. He founded a religious institute devoted to the care of poor women and especially loved teaching others the rosary and how to be truly devoted to Mary.

This medal shows the Archangel Gabriel with his finger raised as he speaks to the Virgin Mary with the words "Ave Maria" appearing in front of him. The other side shows St Louis de Montfort contemplating a statue of the Virgin Mary.

Size: 3/4 inch excluding the ring
Material: Sterling silver. Chains are also sterling silver. Comes with 18" delicate chain 

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