St. Joan of Arc Medallion Necklace - Sterling Silver Reproduction

Rosa Mystica

This unique Joan of Arc medal was cast from a vintage medal so it shows all the wear of the original piece. It shows St Joan of Arc in her armor with a laurel garland around her hair, symbolizing victory. The banner she was known to carry into battle waves behind her head. The back side of the medal depicts her banner flag that she took into battle. 

In 1429 at age 16 St Joan of Arc led French military forces to defeat the English and put King Charles VII back on the throne of France. She was guided by the heavenly voice of Saint Michael and the two Saint Catherines. She was captured and burned at the stake as a heretic when she was 19. Ten years later she was exonerated from all charges and in 1927 she was canonized a saint. 

St Joan of Arc is the patron of
strong women,
cool girls,
rape victims,
women in the military,

Size: 1 inch
Material: Sterling silver. Chains are also sterling silver.

Size: a little over 5/8 inch with 18" delicate Sterling Silver Chain 
Material: Sterling silver. Chains are also sterling silver.

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