St. Joan of Arc Lorraine Cross - Sterling Silver Reproduction

Rosa Mystica

This lovely Joan of Arc medal with a double-armed cross is called the "Cross of Lorraine". It is the style of cross traditionally used by Joan of Arc since she came from the village of Domremy which is in the Lorraine region of France. At the center of the cross is a small badge featuring St Joan in profile with a palm branch to symbolize her martyrdom. The reverse of the cross is imprinted "Souvenir de Domremy" implying that the original piece was a souvenir from St Joan's home town. The cross is an exact replica of an antique medal so it shows all the detail and wear of the original.

As a teenager Joan heard the heavenly voices of several saints instructing her to go help the king reclaim France from the English. At age 17 she was given a small army and captured the city of Orleans and went on to have several amazing military victories. After being captured by the English she was burned at the stake for the crimes of heresy and wearing men's clothing at age 19.

In 1429 at age 16 St Joan of Arc led French military forces to defeat the English and put King Charles VII back on the throne of France. She was guided by the heavenly voice of Saint Michael and the two Saint Catherines. She was captured and burned at the stake as a heretic when she was 19. Ten years later she was exonerated from all charges and in 1927 she was canonized a saint. 

St Joan of Arc is the patron of
strong women,
cool girls,
rape victims,
women in the military,

Size: 1 1/8 inch
Material: Sterling silver on a 24" Sterling Silver Ball chain 

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