St. Brigid Medallion Necklace - Sterling Silver Antique Reproduction

Rosa Mystica

St Brigid was the daughter of an Irish pagan named Dubthach and one of his Christian slave women, Brocessa. Brigid grew up working in her father's dairy and was known for her generosity to the poor, giving away her food, clothing, and even her father's sword. As an adult St Brigid lived by herself in a cell beside and oak tree where she could meditate and pray. This place was called Kill-dara or cell of the oak and became the town of Kildare. She founded the first monastery for women in Ireland and was known for her amazing miracles. She died of old age in 523.

This medal is made of sterling silver and will come with a matching holy card in an organza gift bag, so it's ready to give as a present to someone else or yourself.

Size: 3/4 inch
Material: Sterling silver and chain is Sterling Silver and 18" 

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