Limited Edition Carved Repousse Tibetan Silver Buddha in Dendritic Opal Necklace


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This Limited Edition  Repousse Tibetan Silver Buddha necklace features a carved Buddha medallion measuring 2.5" inches in length. The pendant is carved and encased in a Tibetan Silver Repousse bezel hanging from 8mm smooth Dendritic Opal.  This necklace is inspired by Buddhism, seen as a symbol of enlightenment, as it represents the process of achieving inner peace and serenity through introspection.

The Buddha pairs well with Dendritic Opal because it is a gemstone with deep spiritual meaning.  It is said to increase spiritual awareness, bringing greater intuition and understanding of the universal forces at work. Often called a Shaman stone, dendritic opal is great for anyone exploring past lives, clairvoyance, or divine beings. It is known for its ability to bring balance, protection, and grounding into your life. The stone has been used by many cultures throughout the ages in sacred rituals, religious ceremonies, and everyday practices.

Length:  30" strand plus medal length - additional length can be added.    

Carved Buddha l is 2.50" x 1.25"  

Materials:  Dendritic Opal, Tibetan Sterling Silver and carved Buffalo Bone.  The strand joins with a toggle clasp.    The strand of Dendritic Opal was created in our Wellfleet Studio and the Buddha pendant is from Tibet.