Victoria Eternity Link Chain Necklace - Gold

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The Victoria Eternity Link Necklace features the Goddess Victory on sold bronze medallion. The Eternity Link Chain features etched eternity links with a decorative hook clasp that allows for this necklace to be worn in limitless ways.   Available in a variety of lengths, the one pictured is 30 inches long.  We recommend the 34" if you want to double wrap it. This is a timeless and seasonless necklace that wears well with day or night wear.  Wear it long or short, as a lariat or long layering necklace.  

In ancient Rome, Victoria was the Goddess of Victory and is the Peace Angel of the United Kingdom.  She was designed to replicate the Angel Victoria similar to the statue surmounting the Queen Victoria Memorial , in front of Buckingham Palace in London.   As a  winged Goddess, these attributes allowed her to mediate and deliver messages between the Gods and Humankind.  On this medal, she appears carrying a a laurel wreath - the symbol of Peace with her arm outstretched to a hopeful future.  She is a symbol of success and determination, her presence refers to success  in all undertakings.  

In Rome, Victoria  came to be regarded as the protecting goddess of the Senate and her statue in the Curia Julia was the cause of the final combat between Christianity and Paganism toward the end of the 4th century.  Her winged image was adapted into art throughout the ages and can be be recognized as the angels we know today. 

 The medal is cast in Bronze using the lost wax method from an original WW1 British Victory Medal. The bronze is then dipped in 22KT Gold.  We find the emergence of the Angel Victoria  at this time remarkable as it was originally issued in 1918 during the Spanish Flu pandemic.  The chain is made with  7mm round cable links joined by decorative connectors dipped in 22KT Matte Gold. The chains are tarnish and guaranteed  wear-free.    Our Whispering Goddess collection hand made with devotion between the tides in Wellfleet,  Massachusetts.